Hosting is currently open! If you're interested in becoming a hostee, please carefully read through the rules and criteria below before submitting an application form. I will always try and reply to all hosting requests within 3-7 days, regardless of whether your site is ready for use or not, and ask that anyone who finds they're waiting longer than this please re-send their form just in case it found its way into spam or was somehow overlooked.


Always be nice: This is the absolute most golden rule and that's why it's first on the list. Be nice. Be nice to everyone if it's possible, but especially to your host and fellow hostees. If you're rude in your emails, I might not reply as quickly or feel as inclined to help you and that's just the truth. I'm sorry, but it is.
Keep your site active: Things come up and life will always get in the way, but I ask that members please update at least one time every three months. If you're on hiatus and fear removal, please shoot me an email and let me know. Otherwise, inactive hostees will be cleared out to keep the clutter away.
Try to be patient: As your host, I'll always reply to emails as quickly as I can, but please keep in mind that my work schedule is quite busy and some questions may take a little longer to answer than others.


• The subdomain of your choice!
• Unlimited space/bandwidth, within reason.
• Full FTP access to your site.
• Optional eTCG and starter layout installation. The option is on the application form!
• Ad-free hosting with very little interuption! If anything does happen, it's Dreamhost's fault and not mine.
• E-mail correspondence with Caitlin when help is needed.

Follow this link to our Google Docs form!

To ensure all applications are delivered successfully, we decided to stay away from email forms for the time being.